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Benefits Of Small Class Sizes

Several studies conducted by different researchers show that students in a small class size tend to perform better than those students enrolled in a larger class size. Let us see why is that so and what are the benefits both teachers and students can get while working in a smaller class size.

More Individual Attention:

Having a smaller class size will allow teachers to give more personal attention to each student in the class. Education is a step by step process. If a student doesn’t understand the first concept it would be impossible for him/her to learn further concepts. Hence smaller class sizes enable teachers to give one to one attention to those students who need more help in understanding difficult concepts. Moreover, students are also more willing and able to ask questions in a small environment when they have a better understanding with fellow students.

Better Instructions:

Teachers would not have to worry about managing the behavior of students in a smaller class as compared to managing it in a bigger class. Making it more helpful for teachers to concentrate on teaching rather than wasting time in disciplining the class. This will enable them to observe students and to know whether students are understanding the lesson. The way of teaching could also be differentiated to help individual students to understand the concept in a better way.

Increased Socialization:

Students will feel emotionally safe while interacting with students in a smaller class. This will help in encouraging mutual cooperation and teamwork amongst students. Hence they will get to know each other better and also would be more willing to participate in group work. This will encourage peer to peer learning where students from different backgrounds can share their stories and ideas with each other and learn.

Feedback From The Teachers:

Students will be able to get more feedback on their work from teachers.Teachers can suggest individually to students the areas where they need further improvement and how they can work to reduce mistakes. Teachers can work on improving the abilities and skills of their students as they can spend more time on an individual student in a smaller class strength.

Better Academic Performance:

All of the above-mentioned reasons will eventually help in achieving overall better results of students in terms of higher test and exam scores. Also, there would be considerable improvement in their theory and content knowledge.



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