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Learn How To Study For Maths

Do you find studying and preparing Mathematics difficult? We have jotted down some great helpful study tips to help you learn Maths in a much better and quick way. Hope our tips help you in improving your overall Math grades

Prepare beforehand for what your teacher is gonna teach in the next lesson. Always come prepared in the class by revising what has been done before and try to have at least some understanding of what your teacher is going to teach in today’s lesson. You can use our Revision Notes for IGCSE / O Level Mathematics to revise several chapters.

While in class listen to your teacher carefully and try to understand the different concepts he/she is trying to teach. Try to understand the logic behind each of the concept. Always ask a question from your teacher to clear any of your confusion. Maths is like building blocks if you don’t get something early on you might also would not be able to get the topics ahead.

Moreover, write each and every step while taking notes in class. Never skip a step, as while preparing later on you might forget why you have come to a certain solution.

Practice Maths daily at home. Review the notes that you created in class. Practice some additional questions from the exercise given in the books. Never try to memorise the steps, rather learn the logic behind each and every step that is being taken to solve the question.

Try to challenge yourself with easy questions at first and then move on to the difficult ones. If you are having difficulty in doing a question, note that down and ask your teacher in the next class. Practicing Maths daily will surely help you in getting a good grade in the tests and final exams.

Also create your own Formula Sheet, that includes all the formulas, theorems and definitions combined chapter wise. This way you can quickly know the formula of a certain topic instead of searching it in your notes.

Were these suggestions helpful? Do let us know in your comments below. Also if you have any other suggestion do let us know.

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