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The 5 Comma Rules To Remember

Commas are used in a variety of ways in writing. Good writers always remember these rules and apply them in their writing. Let’s learn the 5 main rules of using Commas during writing. Try learning these comma rules that will always help you in improving your punctuation when writing essays or letters in your exams.

1. Commas Can Be Used In A Series Between Words.

I like eating banana, apple and mango

2. Commas Can Be Used Before A Conjunction In A Compound Sentence.

I like to eat cookies, and I like to eat brownies.

3. Commas Can Be Used To Set Off A Dependent Clause At The Beginning

    Of The Sentence.

After thinking about it, I decided to eat the last brownie.

4. Commas Can Be Used Before Or After The Quotation Marks

“I like to eat brownies”, he said
He said, “I like to eat brownies”

5. Commas Can Be Used In The Opening And Closing Of A Letter.

Dear Dad,
Love, Bill

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