Length and Time – IGCSE Physics Online Video Lecture with Examples

This Free Online Video Lecture will teach you about Length and Time according to the latest IGCSE Physics Syllabus requirements. Watch the following video lecture completely to quickly understand the concept and learn and revise the chapter easily. We also advice students to take notes while watching the lecture.

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Length and Time – IGCSE Physics Video Lecture:

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This video tutorial of Length and time – IGCSE Physics aims to cover the following sub topics:

Length and time:

• Use and describe the use of rules and measuring cylinders to find a length or a volume.

• Use and describe the use of clocks and devices, both analogue and digital, for measuring an interval of time.

 • Obtain an average value for a small distance and for a short interval of time by measuring multiples (including the period of a pendulum).

• Understand that a micrometer screw gauge is used to measure very small distances.

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