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What Jack Ma Told His Son About Education

Jack Ma the founder of Ali Baba – the richest Chinese person and one of the leading tech-entrepreneurs of the world. In one of his interviews shares what he told his son about education. Jack Ma  says: I told my son: you don’t need to be in the top three …

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What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many other leading entrepreneurs in US discuss in this very informative video about what most of the schools today do not teach the students or lack behind in. They talk about why coding is ignored in many of the schools all over the world and …

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Learn How To Manage Time Effectively

Do you find it difficult to manage time? well if you do, here are some tips we can give you to manage time effectively. Time management plays a valuable part in every student’s life as it helps them to complete assignments in a timely fashion so they have time to …

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The Art Of Better Presentation

If you have ever stared listless into those devouring eyes draining blood from your legs and making your sweat at freezing temperature, congratulations! You have passed the most daring thing about presentations. Courage to face the aimless bullets is the first step to survive a war. And if you haven’t, …

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Learn How To Memorize Dates

Do you find it difficult to memorize dates for your history exams? Well here are some awesome tips to help you remember dates and score a great grade in history. Generate Images: Generate some images in your brain to link with the date you want to learn. It is a …

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