O Level Mathematics Revision Notes

Free O Level Mathematics Revision Notes that will help you in revising for your exams. Also, check out our other helpful revision resources for O Level Mathematics (4024).

Revision Notes:

  • Number

    Natural Numbers: The natural numbers include whole numbers except 0. E.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6… Integers: Positive natural numbers, negative natural numbers along…

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  • Set Language And Notation

    Set: A set is a collection of objects, things or symbols which are clearly identified. The individual objects in the…

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  • Mensuration

    Learn how to measure the Area and Perimeter of 2D figures and Surface Area and Volume of 3D figures. Square:…

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  • Matrices

    In Mathematics, matrices are arrays of numbers arranged in rows and columns. Types of Matrices: Row Matrix: Coloumn Matrix: Special…

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  • Properties Of A Circle

    Circle Definitions: Geometrical Properties of Circle: If 2 chords in a circle area congruent, then the 2 angles at the…

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  • Trigonometry

    Pythagoras Theoram: For all the right angled triangles “the square on the hypotenuse (c2) is equal to the sum of…

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  • Bearings


    The bearing of point B from another point A is: An angle measured north to at A. In a clockwise…

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  • Congurence And Similarity

    Congurency: Two geometric figures are congurent, if they are of the same shape and size.          …

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  • Vectors (In Two Dimensions)

    Vectors have both magnitude and direction. To Denote A Vector as a: Column Vector: Resultant Vector: Single Letter in bold.…

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