Business A Level (9609) Paper-2 Topical Past Papers with Mark Schemes – 138- Read and Write


138- Read and Write- Business A Level Paper-2 Topical- Past Papers with Mark Schemes. Subject code 9609. Around 8-10 years of past papers included. Latest edition Updated Till 2023.

Business A Level Paper-2 Topical Past Papers with Mark Schemes – 138- Read and Write includes Questions from past papers classified to subtopics. Updated till 2023.

Article Number 138, For Subject code 9609 for A Level Business. This book provides a thorough exercise of paper 2 for students taking Cambridge International Examinations A-Level Business (9609).

Salient Features of Business A Level (9609) Paper-1 Topical : 
  • Classified to subtopics
  • All variants
  • Mark schemes included
  • Data response extracts

Topics covered in 138 Business A Level Paper 2 Topical Past paper book:

1.1: Enterprise
1.2: Business Structure
1.3: Size of Business
1.4: Business Objectives
1.5: Stakeholders in a Business
2.1: Management and leadership
2.2: Motivation
2.3: Human Resource Management
3.1: What is marketing?
3.2: Market Research
3.3: The marketing mix
4.1: The Nature of Operation
4.2: Operations Planning
4.3: Inventory Management
5.1: Sources of finance
5.2: Costs
5.3: Accounting fundamentals
5.4: Forecasting cash flows and managing working capital
O/N 08/P02/Q1 (Paperclips)
O/N 08/P02/Q2 (CC Cosmetics)
M/J 08/P02/Q1 (East Farm Wildlife Park)
M/J 08/P02/Q2 (Ganmor Cars)
O/N 09/P22/Q1 (Phonequip)
O/N 09/P22/Q2 (Pedro’s Fish (PF)
O/N 09/P21/Q1 (Mediquip)
O/N 09/P21/Q2 (Joe’s World)
M/J 09/P22/Q1 (Bob’s Band)
M/J 09/P22/Q2 (Cheapo Air)
M/J 09/P21/Q1 (Jane’s Book)
M/J 09/P22/Q2 (Cheapo Air)
O/N 10/P22/Q1 (Big Boxes)
O/N 10/P22/Q2 (Newtown Hospital)
O/N 10/P21/Q1 (Big Bags)
O/N 10/P21/Q2 (Newton College)
O/N 10/P23/Q1 (Big Bottles)
O/N 10/P23/Q2 (Newtown University)
M/J 10/P22/Q1 (Sassy Suits)
M/J 10/P22/Q2 (Sheep Stew)
M/J 10/P21/Q1 (Taylor’s Tables)
M/J 10/P21/Q2 (Fruity Surprises)
M/J 10/P23/Q1 (Classy Clocks)
M/J 10/P23/Q2 (Vegetable Soup)
O/N 11/P22/Q1 (Kidz)
O/N 11/P22/Q2 (Rex Cinema)
O/N 11/P21/Q1 (Now)
O/N 11/P21/Q2 (Newtown Arts Centre)
O/N 11/P23/Q1 (Suave)
O/N 11/P23/Q2 (The Dreambox Theatre)
M/J 11/P22/Q1 (Turbo Tractors (TT)
M/J 11/P22/Q2 (McQuarry (MQ)
M/J 11/P21/Q1 (Loader Lorries (LL))
M/J 11/P21/Q2 (United Coal)
M/J 11/P23/Q1 (Quality Coaches (QC)
M/J 11/P23/Q2 (Eldorado Gold (EG))
O/N 12/P22/Q1 (BizBank (BB))
O/N 12/P22/Q2 (King Kites (KK))
O/N 12/P21/Q1 (Tiger Skateboards (TS))
O/N 12/P21/Q2 (Bestmove partnership (BM))
O/N 12/P23/Q1 (Fastship (FS))
O/N 12/P23/Q2 (Junior Games (JG))
M/J 12/P22/Q1 (Bright Air Conditioning (BAC))
M/J 12/P22/Q2 (Largetown Football Club (LFC))
M/J 12/P21/Q1 (Advanced Control Systems (ACS))
M/J 12/P21/Q2 (Eagle Golf Club (EGC))
M/J 12/P23/Q1 (Turboprop (TP))
M/J 12/P23/Q2 (Deucetown Sports Club (DSC))
O/N 13/P22/Q1 (Fizzy Drinks (FD))
O/N 13/P22/Q2 (School Sports Shops (SSS))
O/N 13/P21/Q1 (Clare’s Clothes (CC))
O/N 13/P21/Q2 (Freshly Frozen (FF))
O/N 13/P23/Q1 (Charlie’s Chocolates (CC))
O/N 13/P23/Q2 (George’s Gym (GG))
M/J 13/P22/Q1 (Regal Restaurant (RR))
M/J 13/P22/Q2 (Trendy Paints (TP))
M/J 13/P21/Q1 (The Harbour Hotel (HH))
M/J 13/P21/Q2 (Bright Glass (BG))
M/J 13/P23/Q1 (Coffee Paradise (CP))
M/J 13/P23/Q2 (Cando eCables (CeC))
O/N 14/P22/Q1 (Best Bakery (BB))
O/N 14/P22/Q2 (Helping The Children (HTC))
O/N 14/P21/Q1 (Classic Cars (CC))
O/N 14/P21/Q2 (Blooming Flowers (BF))
O/N 14/P23/Q1 (Classic Clothes (CC))
O/N 14/P23/Q2 (Fine Furniture (FF))
M/J 14/P22/Q1 (Let’s Make Music (LM))
M/J 14/P22/Q2 (Great Gifts (GG))
M/J 14/P21/Q1 (Super View (SV))
M/J 14/P21/Q2 (Top Quality Supermarkets (TQ))
M/J 14/P23/Q1 (Pippa’s Shop (PS))
M/J 14/P23/Q2 (Enterprise Energy (EE))
O/N 15/P22/Q1 (Popular Presents (PP))
O/N 15/P22/Q2 (Kitchen Quality Appliances (KQA))
O/N 15/P21/Q1 (Pet Care (PC))
O/N 15/P21/Q2 (Cooper Manufacturing (CM))
O/N 15/P23/Q1 (Classic Cushions (CC))
O/N 15/P23/Q2 (Wonderful Windows (WW))
M/J 15/P22/Q1 (Easy Television (ET))
M/J 15/P22/Q2 (Affordable Builders (AB))
M/J 15/P21/Q1 (Best Books (BB))
M/J 15/P21/Q2 (Tangerine Tablets (TT))
M/J 15/P23/Q1 (Enterprise Electricals (EE))
M/J 15/P23/Q2 (Frank’s Farm (FF))
O/N 16/P22/Q1 (Pampered Pets (PP))
O/N 16/P22/Q2 (Fire Fly Ebooks (FFE))
O/N 16/P21/Q1 (Barbeque House (BH))
O/N 16/P21/Q2 (Software Creations (SC))
O/N 16/P23/Q1 (Exam Success (ES))
O/N 16/P23/Q2 (Yondis Phones (YP))
M/J 16/P22/Q1 (Scented Candles (SC))
M/J 16/P22/Q2 (Mackintosh Shoes (MS))
M/J 16/P21/Q1 (Peterson Manufacturing (PM))
M/J 16/P21/Q2 (Prestige Jewellery (PJ))
M/J 16/P23/Q1 (Sailing Shop (SS))

M/J 16/P23/Q2 (Car Components (CC))
March 16/P22/Q1 (Lovell’s Jewellery (LJ))
March 16/P22/Q2 (Fruit Fusions (FF))
O/N 17/P22/Q1 (Occasion Cards (OC))
O/N 17/P22/Q2 (Nearly New (NN))
O/N 17/P21/Q1 (Rugged Back Packs (RBP))
O/N 17/P21/Q2 (Car Wash (CW))
O/N 17/P23/Q1 (Jones Sticky Labels (JS))
O/N 17/P23/Q2 (Perfik Plumbing (PP))
M/J 17/P22/Q1 (Perfect Pizza (PP))
M/J 17/P22/Q2 (Quality Leather (QL))
M/J 17/P21/Q1 (Magical Mirrors (MM))
M/J 17/P21/Q2 (Security Alarms (SA))
M/J 17/P23/Q1 (Designer Clothing (DC))
M/J 17/P23/Q2 (Budding Gardens (BG))
Mar 17/P22/Q1 (Gourmet Ices (GI))
Mar 17/P22/Q2 (Clean and Tidy (CT))
M/J 18/P22/Q1 (Online Travel (OT))
M/J 18/P22/Q2 (Umpire Umbrellas (UU))
M/J 18/P21/Q1 (Clifford’s Supermarkets (CS))
M/J 18/P21/Q2 (Veg Cans (VC))
M/J 18/P23/Q1 (Delivery To You (DTY))
M/J 18/P23/Q2 (Pencil Pushers (PP))
March 18/P22/Q1 (Paul’s Clothes (PC))
March 18/P22/Q2 (Luxury Carpets (LC))

The questions are arranged in topical form so that the students can revise and practice systematically. Questions from past examinations have always proved to be the best practice for students. Students are able to apply what they have learnt.

This book is also a very useful study guide for students as they can practice the questions, and then check their answers. This book is highly recommended for the students who are preparing for the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations CAIE A Level Business (9609) Paper 2 examination.

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