Commerce For O Level Syllabus (7100) – Textbook


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Commerce, for Cambridge O Level Commerce Syllabus 7100, by Dr Junaid Ahmad, has
been developed according to the requirements of the latest Cambridge O Level Commerce
Syllabus 7100 (2018, 2019, and 2020) which has been revised in view of the changes in the
worldwide practice of trade and commerce. The book covers the wide range of the syllabus
topics and subtopics across 15 Units and 56 chapters. Commerce, with an international
approach to the study of industry, trade, and business, aims to help students develop proper
understanding of this important subject not only for study but for real-life application.
Salient features:
? Comprises 15 Units matching the latest Cambridge O Level Syllabus 7100 in coverage
of all the topics and subtopics
? User-friendly text with clear and concise definitions and explanation of key concepts
? Examples and case studies from across the world help students comprehend the
subject and its implications in practical life
? Provides an exposure to both local and international markets and trade practices
? Key areas and issues connected to the core content of the syllabus dealt with
? Focus on everyday examples through illustrations, diagrams, logos of different products
and organizations
? Additional interesting and relevant information given as margin text to engage students?
attention and interest
? A composite summary covering the main points concludes each chapter
? End of chapter exercises, along with multiple choice questions, and case studies to
promote analysis and critical thinking
? A glossary with definitions of key terms and an index to help readers with all key terms
and references

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