Pakistan: A Historical and Contemporary Look by Farooq Bajwa


Pakistan: A Historical and Contemporary Look is a dynamic textbook that introduces secondary school students to the History component of the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus. Ideal for O Level students students for preperation of exams. It provides readers with a comprehensive and highly accessible account of their nation?s history from earliest times to 1988 and relates the remarkable story of a region consolidating into a nation. Written in simple yet effective prose, Pakistan: A Historical and Contemporary Look is a refreshingly objective approach to Pakistani history. Special features of the revised edition include: ? Summary Boxes which act as memory aids for revision and reinforcement ? World History Boxes which narrate information on events taking place in other parts of the world in the equivalent time frame ? An attractive layout with additional photographs and maps ? Questions at the end of each unit which consolidate learning and help students prepare for examinations ? An index

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