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The Best Guide To Successful And Effective Studying

Studying is by far the most important and time-consuming part of a student’s life. Do you need advice on how you can study successfully and effectively? Then here are some great helpful ways that you can use to study the smarter way which will help you in improving your grades. If you think you can suggest more ways, then do let us know in the comments below.

Study At The Same Time Each Day:

While at home make a routine to study at the same time. Just like eating and sleeping has a certain time, studying at the same time each day will help you to establish a routine and once established – it would be very difficult to break. This will help you to dedicate a certain time of your day towards studying alone.

Never Skip A Class:

You must try to attend every class at your school and college. Never miss a class for any reason. Always try your best to avoid anything that would cause you to miss a class. Sleep early to avoid getting late in the morning, leave early for school to avoid any traffic jam on the route and take care of your health to prevent any kind of sickness that would cause you to miss a class. Your parents have spent a huge amount of their hard earned money on your education so don’t waste it.

Always Sit At The Front Of Class:

Try to always sit in the front row of your class – just in front of your teacher. You will become more focused and productive during lectures. As this will prevent you from talking with your friends and using your mobile phone, all those things which you are not supposed to be doing during a lecture.

Use Electronics Wisely:

Ineffective use of smartphones and laptops can sometimes lead to poor academic performance. Limit your daily use of gadgets and only use them only when needed. Keep them switched off or at least away from you when studying as they are one of the major causes of distraction amongst students. Send emails, use Facebook and surf the internet only during breaks.

Follow A Proper Diet And Exercise:

Take light and frequent healthy meals rich in protein and fiber during the day. Avoid having heavy meals before studying as it will only make you sleepy. Drink plenty
of water and home made fruit juices to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Take at least half an hour out of your schedule and exercise it can be either a quick jog or sports that you like. This will help in keeping you healthy and improving your blood flow.

Ask More Questions:

As a student try to ask more questions from your teachers. This will not only clear many of your misconceptions buy will allow you to remember things also. Teachers like proactive students in their class as this indicate that the student is taking interest in their lecture and is keen to learn more. However, refrain from annoying your teacher by asking irrelevant or too many questions during the lecture.

Get Plenty Of Sleep:

Never compromise on sleep. Always try to get 6-8 hours of sleep each day. Proper sleep helps in giving a break to the brain and allowing it to absorb all the information and knowledge gathered throughout the day. As without having a proper sleep, you would not be able to concentrate on your studies.

Review Your Notes Daily:

When at home try to daily revise the notes that you made while attending lectures at school. By doing this you are not only revising what you did earlier today but also trying to recall some other important things that your teacher told you in the class. Write anything in your notes and which comes to your mind now which you missed writing during the lecture.

Always Start With The Most Difficult Subject First:

Whether doing your homework or preparing for exams start with the most difficult subject first. As studying and understanding the difficult subject, will require the most mental energy and effort from you. So spend this energy first learning things that you find difficult then move on to other subjects that you find easy and will also require less effort to study. Also, remember never procrastinate as procrastination will always lead to delays and errors being committed. Set priorities and do things at the time when they are supposed to be done.

Start Studying In A Library:

Last but not the least try to study in a library, it can be either your school library or a public library. The library will provide you with a quiet environment that is best for studying. It will keep you away from all the distractions that you will find while studying at home or at your dorm.


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