Igcse Economics (0455)

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IGCSE Economics Revision Notes:


Learner Guide:

Example Candidate Response:

Past Papers:


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    Can i study from these notes and get an A grade on economics?? The book is too heavy for me.. Please tell..

    • Avatar

      Hi Ekam, our revision notes are made to assist students with revision, they are made to summarise different topics you learn through your books. These are definitely not an alternative to course books. We would recommend you to also consult your book for detailed study. We wish you score an A grade in every subject!

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    The Revision Notes were very useful. They Helped me in REVISING FOR MY EXAMS. Thank you TeachifyMe for uploading such notes.

  3. Avatar

    the past papers are really helpful but shouldl i solve deeper down the years or the recent years for my recent IGCSE exam

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