Cambridge O Level Second Language Urdu (Syllabus 3248) Second Edition – Textbook


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Cambridge O Level Second Language Urdu, as the name implies, is based on the Cambridge O Level Second Language Urdu Syllabus 3248. The Second Edition of this book has been extensively revised in terms of new texts, revised tasks, and sample papers for practice. It incorporates all the requisite topics of study: comprehension, summary, composition, and its genres, English to Urdu translation, cloze passages, and sentence transformation.

Key features:

The book comprises passages from contemporary writers as well as interesting, informative and engaging content. The book also incorporates an extended addendum on the use of idioms, metaphors, and grammar for further practice.

The objective of this book is not just as an aid for preparation and success in the examinations, but to provide students an opportunity to read, appreciate and enjoy the range and variety of the Urdu language.

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