O/IGCSE Level Economics (2281/0455) Revision Notes Series by Imran Latif – 143- Read and Write


143- Read and Write- O/IGCSE Level Economics (2281/0455) Revision Notes series by Imran Latif for both papers (P1 and P2). Latest Edition.

O/IGCSE Level Economics (2281/0455) Revision Notes Series by Imran Latif-143- Read and Write

143 Economics O/IGCSE Level Revision Notes Series are authored by Imran Latif. It is an essential revision guide designed specifically for students preparing for the O/IGCSE Level Economics exams. This comprehensive book covers all the topics outlined in the O/IGCSE Level Economics syllabus. It includes basic economic concepts, demand and supply, market structures, national income, and international trade.

The book is organized into chapters, each dedicated to a specific topic. Every chapter commences with a concise overview followed by a range of worked examples and exercises. These carefully crafted examples aim to enhance students’ understanding of the concepts, while the exercises provide valuable practice in tackling O Level-style questions.

Key Features of 143 Economics O/IGCSE Level Revision Notes Series:

– Comprehensive coverage of the O/IGCSE Level Economics syllabus
– Chapter-wise organization for focused study
– Numerous worked examples and exercises to facilitate understanding
– Practice questions to prepare students for O Level-style assessments
– Inclusion of a glossary, references, and an answer key for additional support

Whether you are a student currently preparing for the O Level Economics exams or an educator seeking a reliable resource for your students, 143 Economics O Level Revision Notes Series will undoubtedly assist you in reaching your academic goals. Invest in this valuable resource to enhance your understanding, hone your skills, and excel in your exams.

This book is highly recommended for the students who are preparing for the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations CAIE O Level Economics (2281/0455) Paper-1 and Paper-2 examination.

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