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7 Best Apps To Help You In Your Class Room

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There are thousands of apps available online in different App Stores, but selecting which ones are best for you to help you in your classroom can be really tough. No worries as we have listed the best Apps that will help you stay more focused and organized. Using these Apps will not only save up your time but also save a great pile of paper.

If you think you have more Apps to add to our list, do comment below and let us know.

#1. Google Drive:

Google Drive lets you store all your files online, which can then be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer.  Google Drive can be used to share documents with other students and teachers. It is a one stop shop for all the needs of sharing different types of documents and files.

#2. Evernote:

Evernote is one of those apps that will take care of all of your note-taking needs. Create lists of due home works and projects. You can save documents, images and links that you find online while browsing through different websites. Moreover, it gives you the ability to sync and edit your content across different devices such as tablet and laptop.

#3. Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Adobe Acrobat reader has you covered for all of your pdf needs. It allows you to highlight, mark up and note any thing on a pdf file. It is one of the best PDF app out there. One of its latest feature allows you to use your device camera and scan documents and convert them to PDF files.

#4. Note Shelf:

Do you love handwritten things? Then Note Shelf is an app that lets you take and record hand written notes. Use your hand or a stylus to create, share, export and even print your notes.

#5. Screen Chomp:

Need to write some important stuff on white board but not avialable at the moment. No worries as Screen Chomp is a recordable whiteboard app. Which lets you record touchscreen actions and screens. Create videos and share with others or review later on.


#6. Quizlet:

Love using flash cards. Then this app will help create your own flash cards with ease. Quizlet also contain free study aids created on different subjects. Which will provide users with quizzes and games to help with their revision.

#7. Wunder List:

Everyone makes a to do list. It is one of the most simple to use and pleasing app that lets users make, organise, check and share lists. Hence, keeping you well organised throughout your day.



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