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Isra And Mairaj

In the 10th year of prophet hood, the prophet was taken for Isra and Mairaj.

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While the Holy Prophet (P.b.u.h) was asleep, Jibrael came and he awake him up took him to Kabbah and was taken on Burraq (a horse like creature) from Makka to Jerusalem by the angel Jibrael.

At Jerusalem in Masjid- Aqsa, he met all the prophets who had preceded him (from Adam to Isa) and he led them in prayer.

The Quran says about this:

“Glory to Him who carried His servant from the sacred Mosque to the distant Mosque – the precincts of which we have blessed- in order that we might show him some of Our Signs” 

The Prophet (P.b.u.h) again rode the Burraq and soon they reached the lowest heaven.

There the prophet saw a man sitting with a large group of people on his both sides. When the man looked at those on his right he laughed, when the man looked at those on his left he wept. The prophet was told that he was Prophet Adam – those on his left were the souls of his descendants who were the inhabitants of hell, while those on his right were the inhabitants of Paradise.

The prophet was taken to all the seven heavens where he met the Prophet Jesus, John, Joseph, Idrees, Aron and Moses. And on the seventh heaven he met Prophet Abraham.

Then Jibrael led the prophet to Lote-tree beyond which Jibrael could not go but the Holy Prophet was permitted to go beyond it and Allah spoke to him directly.

Here the last verses of Surah al Baqarah were revealed, and prayer was also made obligatory for the Muslims five times a day.

He was also shown Paradise and Hell.

Importance Of This Event To Him:

It was a ray of hope that Allah had not abandoned him. It strengthened him spiritually and prepared him for the second period of his life, which was to come.

He lost his closest supporters and was mocked by people for being left God. Thus, this event reassured him of his closeness with God and his status among other messengers thus giving him spiritual support.

Physical support came from his companions who believed that if the prophet said it happened, then it happened.


Reactions of Makkans:

On the morning following these events and the prophet’s return to Makkah he told Quraish what had happened.

Makans mocked Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h) as it seemed so impossible but he described in detail a caravan that he had seen to prove that he had actually made the journey.

This event shows how unique Hazrat Muhammad (P.b.u.h) was and how he had been particularly blessed by Allah to experience this event.

Even some Muslims didn’t believed him at first. But Abu Bakr believed him without any hesitation.

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