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Learn How To Manage Time Effectively

Do you find it difficult to manage time? well if you do, here are some tips we can give you to manage time effectively. Time management plays a valuable part in every student’s life as it helps them to complete assignments in a timely fashion so they have time to do other activities like sports.

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Create A Daily Time Table:
To create a timetable, you need to collect all the information of your classes, assignments and when your exams will be held. After this step take a rough sheet of paper and draw different columns of time, subject, topic etc. Then write the subject and topic you want to study at a certain time. A timetable will encourage you to study more and complete your tasks in an orderly manner by allocating a certain time for a certain task through out the day.

Limit The Use Of Social Media:
Social media might be good in a lot of ways but certainly it is one of the main reason why students today have poor time management skills. Students waste a lot of time surfing the internet, texting their friends, uploading photos and watching videos. Some of them even play games all day which can affect their brain adversely. In 2013 a report came which said that 93 percent of students spend hours on social media rather than studying.

Keep Your Work Always With You:
An amazing way of a good time management would be to keep all of your work (notes, assignments) with you as you could always read it when you have spare time. For instance, you are travelling to your Aunt’s house by a
train, during the journey you can easily read physics notes or read a really good book that you weren’t getting time to read.

Record Your Time:
By tracking everything you do in a week will give you a better idea on how much time you are spending on each activity. For e.g. count the number of hours you spend on studying, playing, watching TV, using social media, hanging out with friends and exercising. If you find that you are watching TV more than you are studying, allocate this time to the studies. This will allow you to gain control over time.

Create A To -Do List:
A to- do list is a list of tasks that has to completed to achieve your goal. Before going to sleep write the most important points that you have to do on the next day. This will give you a lot of motivation to do tasks when you get up next morning. If you have completed every task in a day reward yourself, as it
will give you more confidence and will motivate you to achieve your goal every day.

Avoiding Procrastination:
Are you doing your work on time or delaying it? Are you distracted? Are you stressed? Nowadays many students are delaying their assignments and school work. It seems like the child is disturbed of something. Studies suggest that procrastination has a direct link with Facebook because it allows the individual to spend hours chatting with their friends, not worrying about the assignments. To avoid procrastination, you need to write your tasks and give yourself some deadlines, this will allow you to finish the work on time and in many cases before the actual deadlines. Another way is to join a support team, they will help you reduce distractions and keep you focused.

Do you have some more helpful tips that you would like to share with us on time management, then please comment below and let us know.


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    I am a parent. I believe parents should also strictly follow the work routine and avoid social media etc. especially in the presence of children. Parents should involve with children in daily life and must maintain communication with them. Must teach values and act upon them as well.

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