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Learn How To Memorize Dates

Do you find it difficult to memorize dates for your history exams? Well here are some awesome tips to help you remember dates and score a great grade in history.

Generate Images:

Generate some images in your brain to link with the date you want to learn. It is a known fact that human brains are more effective in recalling images than recalling memorized information. For example, if you are struggling to learn what happened in a certain year just try to make an image of the event.

For example, if you are trying to remember that Magna Carta was signed in 1215. Create an image in your mind with a document on which 1215 is written. This will help you remember some dates more effectively.

Use Flashcards:

Flashcard is a card that contains small amount of information on either one or both of its sides. You can easily write a single date on the front side and the explanation at the back, Then test yourself by looking at the date and remembering about what happened on this date. Keep practicing often until you memorize all the dates and the related events.

Study in a peaceful environment:

Sometimes you may be distracted by external factors like watching TV, using your phone constantly or sitting in a crowed place with other individuals. To overcome these problems, the best solution may be to reduce distractions by finding a quiet and isolated place to concentrate on the task at hand.

Draw a timeline of the events:

Create a timeline to write all the dates in sequence with the context as this will help you remember the dates without mixing up key historical events. A timeline will help you put together pieces of scattered information and help you remember the dates easily and sequence wise. Hence, helping you to also co-relate different events together.

Make use of different colored pens:

Use different colored pens to highlight the important dates and the context. The highlighted text will make it separate than the main content and easier for you to quickly memorize the dates and facts you need to learn.

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