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Light is a form of energy. The speed of light is 3 × 108 ms-1 and it travels at a constant speed. It can reach the earth from the sun in 8 minutes.

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Human eye can detect it in a range of 7 colours from red to violet which forms a spectrum.


Rectilinear Properties Of Light:

  • It states that light travels in straight line.
  • It can’t bend around corners and can only travel straight
  • The path along which light travels is known as light ray. Arrows are added to indicate the direction.

Combination of rays forms a beam. There are three types of beams:








Luminous Objects: These are those objects that give out light. E.g.TV, Sun, Light bulbs

Non-Luminous Objects: These are those objects that do not give out light.

We can see them as the object reflect light from a luminous object nearby into our eyes.


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