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Migration To Abyssinia

As the hardships and suffering of the Muslims increased. The Holy prophet gave permission to his followers to migrate to Abyssinia in (615 AD  5TH Year of Prophet hood)

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So that Muslims would find a refuge from tyranny till favourable circumstances prevailed and Islam would spread to other lands

King (Negus) of Abyssinia was a just man and thus, Muslims seek protection from him against the hostile Makkans.

The first to go were a group of ten to fifteen muslims including Ruayyah daughter of prophet and her husband Uthman led by the prophet’s cousin Jafar bin Abu Talib.

The Holy Prophet said about them:

“They are the first people to migrate in the cause of Allah after Ibrahim and Lot.”

The Makkans didn’t liked the thought of the Muslims escaping from them, thus they sent a delegation to Abyssinia. The Makkan delegation reached Abyssinia and asked the king to return them, so the king had the Muslims before him.

The Muslims side was represented by Jafar bin Abu Talib. He explained Muslims beliefs to the Negus which which were told by the Prophet (P.b.u.h). The king then asked him to recite a portion from of the Quran, he recited him Surah Maryam – which tells about Hazrat Maryam and her son Isa (Jesus).

The king was very moved and realized that these people worship the one God like he did and he said: “By God this and the Gospel are the lights of one candle.”

As a consequence he rejected the request of the Makkans and allowed the Muslims to stay. Later more Muslims about 70 joined this group in Abyssinia. Hence, migration to Abyssinia, proved successful for the Muslims.

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