O Level Add Mathematics (4037) Paper-1 Topical Workbook- Unsolved Past Papers with Mark Schemes – 381- Read and Write


Read and Write- 381- O Level Add Mathematics (4037) Paper 1 Topical Workbook Unsolved Past Papers with Mark Schemes around 8-10 years of past papers included. Latest Edition.

Read and Write-381- O Level Add Mathematics (4037) Paper-1 Topical workbook-  contains Unsolved past papers with mark schemes and worked solutions. Latest edition.

Article Number 381, For Subject code 4037 for O Level. O Level Add Mathematics (4037) Paper-1 Topical workbook is highly recommended for students taking Cambridge International Examinations O-Level Add Mathematics (4037) paper 1.

381 Add Mathematics O Level Paper-1 Topical Workbook encompasses a broad range of topics, including number systems, algebra, functions, and statistics. By offering numerous practice questions, it enables students to evaluate their understanding of the material effectively.

Salient Features of O Level Add Mathematics (4037) Paper-1 Topical Workbook: 

  • Classified to subtopics
  • Mark schemes included
  • Questions order new to old
  • References of repeated questions added
  • Worked solutions
  • Writing space given

The workbook is divided into units, each of which focuses on a specific topic. Each unit begins with a brief introduction to the topic, followed by a series of worked examples and exercises. The worked examples are thoughtfully designed to aid students in understanding the underlying concepts, while the exercises provide valuable practice for answering O Level-style questions.

The workbook adopts a clear and concise writing style, facilitating easy comprehension and ensuring students can follow along seamlessly. The explanations provided are thorough, offering in-depth insights into each topic. Additionally, the practice questions are thoughtfully crafted to challenge students without compromising fairness. The collective expertise of the experienced authors involved in its creation further enhances the reliability and quality of the content.

Key Features of O Level Add Mathematics (4037) Paper-1 Topical Workbook:

1. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage:

The workbook covers all the topics outlined in the O Level Additional Mathematics Paper 1 syllabus, ensuring students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the required content for the exam.

2. Clarity and Conciseness:

With its clear and concise writing style, the workbook enables students to grasp complex concepts more easily and effectively.

3. Thorough Explanations and Practice Questions:

Detailed explanations are provided for each topic, allowing students to develop a strong conceptual foundation. The workbook also offers a diverse range of practice questions to test students’ understanding and prepare them for the exam.

4. Authored by Experienced Educators:

The workbook is authored by a team of experienced authors, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the content. Students can rely on the expertise of these educators to enhance their learning experience.

In addition to the main topics, the workbook also includes appendices that provide supplementary information on mathematical notation, formulae, and useful resources.

To maximize your preparation for the O Level Additional Mathematics Paper 1 exam, consider the following tips:

Firstly, begin your preparation early to allow ample time for studying and revision.

Secondly, focus on understanding the underlying concepts rather than memorizing formulas and procedures.

Thirdly, practice answering questions under timed conditions to familiarize yourself with the exam format and time pressure.

Fourthly, seek assistance from a tutor or your school teacher if you encounter difficulties with specific topics.

Finally, stay calm and maintain focus on the day of the exam, avoiding unnecessary stress that may hinder your performance.


The questions are arranged in topical form so that the students can revise and practice systematically. Questions from past examinations have always proved to be the best practice for students. Students are able to apply what they have learnt.

This book is also a very useful study guide for students as they can practice the questions, and then check their answers. This book is highly recommended for the students who are preparing for the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations CAIE O Level Add Mathematics (4037) Paper 1 examination.

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