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Overview of the Topic, Key Points, Challenging Questions with step-by-step full Worked Solutions.

This book covers the newly revised syllabus for O LEVEL MATHEMATICS. Aiming to provide students with an effective yet easy-to-follow guide, each chapter in this book consists of

1. Overview of the Topic: This table shows the structure and all the key areas of a topic.

2. Objectives: Objectives based on the latest syllabus are given in this part. Students should make sure that they are able to meet all of the expectations before taking the examination.

3. Key Points: This part is featured by concise study notes. All key concepts and formulae are presented to help students consolidate their knowledge learnt in class.

4. Stop & Think: These are useful learning-type questions provided after each subtopic to help students identify and enhance the learning of key concepts.

5. Challenging Questions with Worded Solutions: At the end of each chapter, challenging exam-type questions enable students to have constant practice in order for them to apply the concepts that they have learnt. Fully worked out solutions are also provided to show the correct way of presenting workings and answers.


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