Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620) Paper 4 Topical Past Papers with Mark Schemes – 714 Read and Write


Latest Edition of IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 Unsolved Topical Past Papers with Mark Schemes Answers and Work Space. Around 8-10 years of past papers along with different Varients included.

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 (0620) Topical Past Papers with Mark Schemes Answers contain topic-wise unsolved past papers, including different Variants.

Article No. 714 Chemistry IGCSE Paper 4 Past Paper is an indispensable compilation of past papers specifically designed for students preparing for the IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 exam. This book encompasses a diverse range of topics crucial to Chemistry, ensuring comprehensive coverage and targeted practice.

Key Features of IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 Topical Workbook:

1. Extensive Topic Coverage:

Firstly, the book covers a broad spectrum of topics, including cell structure and function, metabolism, respiration, excretion, transport, reproduction, development, and evolution. By exploring these topics through past papers, students can deepen their understanding of key chemistry concepts.

2. Chapter-wise Organization:

Secondly, each topic is meticulously organized into separate chapters, facilitating focused study and practice. Every chapter begins with a concise overview of the topic, followed by a series of meticulously selected past papers. The past papers are thoughtfully graded, progressing from easier questions to more challenging ones.

3. Realistic Exam Experience:

Thirdly, engaging with the past papers provided, students gain invaluable exposure to the format, structure, and style of the IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 exam. This allows them to become familiar with the types of questions asked, enhance their time management skills, and build confidence for the actual examination.

4. Comprehensive Assessment:

Fourthly, the collection of past papers serves as a robust assessment tool. it enables students to gauge their understanding of each topic. By attempting the questions and comparing their responses with the provided answers, students can identify areas of improvement and refine their exam techniques.

5. Exam Success Preparation:

Finally, IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 Topical Workbook comes with authentic past papers and detailed solutions. It is an indispensable resource for students aspiring to excel in the IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 exam. It provides the opportunity for targeted practice, allowing students to develop a solid foundation and attain their best possible results.

Secure your copy of 714 Chemistry IGCSE Paper 4 Past Paper by Read & Write Publications to embark on a fruitful journey towards success in the IGCSE Chemistry Paper 4 exam. With its comprehensive coverage, graded past papers, and detailed solutions, this book equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve exceptional results.

The questions are arranged in topical form. The students can revise and practice systematically. Questions from past examinations have always proved to be the best practice for students. Students are able to apply what they have learnt.

This book is also a very useful study guide for students. They can practice the questions, and then check their answers. This book is highly recommended for the students who are preparing for the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations CAIE IGCSE Chemistry 0620 examination.

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    • 714 Chemistry IGCSE Paper-4 Topical Workbook


      UNIT 1 The particulate nature of matter
      1.1 The particulate nature of matter
      Answers Section

      UNIT 2 Experimental techniques
      2.1 Purity
      Answers Section

      UNIT 3 Atoms, elements and compounds
      3.1 Atomic structure and the periodic table
      Answers Section

      3.2 Ions and ionic bonds
      Answers Section

      UNIT 4 Stoichiometry
      4.1 Stoichiometry
      Answers Section

      4.2 The mole concept
      Answers Section

      UNIT 5 Electricity and chemistry
      5.1 Electricity and Chemistry
      Answers Section

      UNIT 6 Chemical energetics
      6.1 Energetics of a reaction
      Answers Section

      UNIT 7 Chemical reactions
      7.1 Rate (speed) of reaction
      Answers Section

      7.2 Reversible reactions
      Answers Section

      7.3 Redox
      Answers Section

      UNIT 8 Acids, bases and salts
      8.1 The characteristics properties of acids and bases
      Answers Section
      8.2 Types of oxides
      Answers Section
      8.3 Preparation of salts
      Answers Section
      8.4 Identification of ions and gases
      Answers Section

      UNIT 9 The periodic table
      9.1 The periodic table
      Answers Section
      9.2 Periodic trends
      Answers Section
      9.3 Group properties
      Answers Section
      9.4 Transition elements
      Answers Section
      9.5 Noble gases
      Answers Section

      UNIT 10 Metals
      10.1 Properties of metals
      Answers Section(Chemistry IGCSE Topical workbooks)
      10.2 Reactivity series
      Answers Section
      10.3 Extraction of metals
      Answers Section
      10.4 Uses of metals
      Answers Section

      UNIT 11 Air and water
      11.1(Chemistry IGCSE Topical workbooks)
      Water and rusting
      Answers Section
      11.2 Air
      Answers Section
      11.3 Nitrogen and fertilisers
      Answers Section

      UNIT 12 Sulfur
      12.1 Sulfur
      Answers Section

      UNIT 13 Organic chemistry
      13.1 Names of compounds
      Answers Section
      13.2 Fuels
      Answers Section
      13.3 Homologous series
      Answers Section
      13.4 Alkanes
      Answers Section
      13.5 Alkenes
      Answers Section
      13.6 Alcohols
      Answers Section
      13.7 Carboxylic acids
      Answers Section
      13.8 Polymers
      Answers Section

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