Environmental Management A Core Text for O Level and IGCSE


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Environmental Management, Second Edition by John Pallister, is the revised and updated version of the text developed to cover the extensively revised Cambridge O Level and IGCSE? Environmental Management syllabi 5014 and 0680, respectively, (for 2019 to 2021). Environmental Management is a subject highly relevant in the modern context, where the Earth?s resources and life-sustaining systems are under threat of human impact.

The scope of this book is international in its approach, and the aim is to enable students to understand and appreciate the interdependence of the Earth?s natural systems and its resources, and to learn how to best manage them for the future.

The book, following the sequence of the syllabi, has nine chapters that cover the topics listed below. These topics cover all aspects of the Earth?s four spheres i.e. Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, and Biosphere.

Rocks and minerals and their exploitation
Energy and the environment
Agriculture and the environment
Water and its management
Oceans and fisheries
Managing natural hazards
The atmosphere and human activities
Human population
Natural ecosystems and human activities
In addition to these, Chapter 10, Techniques for investigation and examination, has been added especially to guide students through the study of the revised text, the tasks involved including case studies, understanding and presentation of data in various forms, and through hands-on activities. This will also help students in their preparation for examinations.

The text is supported by maps, tables, graphs, and diagrams, and complemented by appropriately selected illustrations. Case studies give students a local, as well as global, perspective on ecological problems and their possible solutions.

The Revision Guide matches the new syllabus and helps students? learning with its skills-based approach.

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