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O Level also known as Ordinary Level by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is for students aged (14 – 16 years).  Get O Level Revision Notes, Latest Past Papers, Marking Schemes, Learner Guides, Examiner Reports and many other resources that will help students studying OLevel to improve their grades. It is an internationally recognized qualification, equivalent to IGCSE and GCSE (UK).

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    Hi Can you please add principals of accounts 7110 here

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    hello it would be great if you could add biology 5090 thank you very much

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    Hi it would be very fine if you add bio notes also.

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    can u please computer also

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    Hey! it would be really helpful if u added ENGLISH past papers and revision notes or references of notes.

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    please add biology notes

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    Any classified past papers soon in plan?

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    Hello Admin, can you please add a Bio section. And some Urdu past papers too please, also the notes of the new syllabus i.e. Meer Taqi Meer or Iqbal or Nasir Kazmi etc.
    Very helpful website!

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    Hello admin! This website is very helpful to me but I found some other subject to be included. Can you please add biology notes and past paper for o level syllabus. It would be more thankful if you add some urdu notes along with english.

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    This site is extremely helpful for latest question papers. Thanks for taking the effort to share them! Please keep providing quality resources are CIE exams!!!

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    Hello Admin!this website is just the one I was searching for.The revision notes are great.

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    when will u be able to add biology notes?

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    Please admin can you give me the notes of english and urdu

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    Can u please add notes of biology and environmental management for cambridge o levels

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      We have noted down your request and will definitely work for providing revision notes for these subjects as well.

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    Hi , hope you would extend help to teach O Level biology too. Looking forward

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    Could Revision Notes for computer studies O level be added?
    It would be really helpful.

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    if i pass it will all be thanks to u
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